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I love filming my animals. I've been doing it since I was little. When I discovered YouTube I immediately wanted to know how I could get my videos online to share with my friends and family. I began uploading right away and I was surprised at the amount of people who commented and told me they loved watching them. After awhile, I began uploading for everyone to watch and I started to enjoy it even more. The positive feedback I got was overwhelming and the enjoyment I received from entertaining and educating the viewers about the wonderful world of animals was immensely rewarding.

Now I try and upload a new video at least once a week and sometimes twice. I like doing a variety of videos. Some are short and funny or cute clips, others are longer and filmed to show the beauty and majesty of the animals. Every once in awhile I do a vlog style video or educational video with talking, but I like to always keep the focus off me and onto the animals.

I truly hope that you enjoy watching my videos and that they've only made your appreciation and love for animals grow.

Thank you and enjoy.

Below you'll find some of my animals' playlists. This is every video they've ever been in arranged into one long streaming movie. :)

Pancake's playlist

Sugar Tree's playlist

Chomby's playlist

Baby & Nessie's playlist

The Sheep herd's playlist

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