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Sugar Tree - Doberman Pinscher

Sugar Tree is such a great dog! Sure she has all the weird little tics that come as a packaged deal with the Doberman breed, but she fit seamlessly in with the rest of the family.

She was born in October 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona. A man had a (supposedly) accidental litter of puppies and she was one of them. I only paid a small adoption fee for Sugar Tree and wow what a deal I got! She was a polite puppy and now she's a beautiful, intelligent adult.

Soon after getting Sugar Tree we took several road trips together. Including, a trip across the country to Chicago and back. She was the perfect travel companion and a gracious guest at many hotels across the country.

"The Moosh"

Sugar Tree is a ball of energy, but can also have her quiet moments. I nicknamed her, "The moosh" because of her more lazy tendencies. Don't ask me what a moosh exactly is- it's just Sugar Tree!


Today, Sugar Tree is busy driving everyone else crazy.

"Play, play, play!" - Sugar Tree to everyone ever

Sugar Tree and Pancake

In 2012, I fostered a kitten for a friend that had been abandoned at the tender age of three weeks old. I've never been a cat person and had no intentions of keeping him- it was just supposed to be temporary while a permanent home could be found. I named him Pancake for no real reason, but it seemed to suit him. I could never imagine what an effect Pancake would have on Sugar Tree and they became good friends almost immediately. Sugar Tree was so gentle with her new kitty friend and I decided to adopt Pancake myself.

I've filmed a lot of their interactions together, a few which turned into viral videos across the internet. They're clips have been featured on several television shows as well and I get tons of email asking how the pair they are. They truly have a special bond that only goes to show how sweet Dobermans really are!

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