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St. Croix Sheep

St. Croix sheep are native to the Caribbean. They were probably brought there on slave ships in the 1500s after being developed in Africa. They're a hardy medium-sized sheep with hair instead of wool.

Snow Cone & Flurry

My St. Croix

In Spring 2013 I purchased two ewe lambs, Snow Cone & Flurry. After a 30 day quarantine period they joined the herd. They always stick by each other's side and seem to realize they're a different type of sheep from the Mouflon.

Why St. Croix?

I chose the St. Croix breed to cross with my European Mouflon to produce 50/50 hybrid. I wanted to cross a hardy domesticated breed with the wild Mouflon to offer manageability and hybrid vigor. The St. Croix has many advantages and the choice was easy. Check out these list of advantages the breed offers courtesy of the St. Croix Breeders Society.

  • No shearing
  • Both sexes polled
  • Parasite resistant
  • Reduced foot-rot
  • Fine-grained, low-fat meat
  • Non-selective grazers
  • Heat and cold tolerant
  • Good flocking instinct
  • Good temperament
  • Excellent lamb production
    • Early puberty
    • High lambing percentage
    • Year-round breeding
    • Lamb at 12 months
    • Good mothers
    • Good milk production
    • High survivability

      Beautiful Snow Cone

Naming Contest (Snow Cone and ?)

After I brought the lambs home I needed to name them. I named Snow Cone right away and knew that I wanted a related name for the other lamb. I decided to hold a naming contest over the internet and let viewers to decide what to name the other baby. Flurry received almost double as many votes as any other name.

Watch the contest below

And the winner is ...

Snow Cone and Flurry with their guardian dog

Video of the St. Croix sheep with the rest of the herd

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