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Pancake - Cat / Lord of the Universe

I was NOT supposed to keep Pancake.

And I truly, truly mean that. I've had plenty of fosters in my life and I never kept a single one of them until Pancake happened.

I am a dog person. I love dogs. I'll always have a few dogs. I would look at cat people and wonder what was wrong with them.

It wasn't that I hated cats, I just didn't understand how someone could choose them over dogs. Of course not everyone does. There are plenty of people that have both. I guess I just never saw the point of a cat.

I certainly didn't have a problem watching a kitten for a friend when she urgently needed to go out of town which is what happened in this case, but I never thought in my wildest dreams imagined I would end up keeping him ...

Pancake's Rescue & Adoption

Pancake was found by a friend of mine in Phoenix. He was abandoned in a cardboard box in a parking lot in front of a pet store with his littermates. I can think of a lot more humane ways to get rid of kittens you're unable to keep and that sure isn't one of them. Especially because it was over 100 degrees in Phoenix that day, as it often is. To make it worse, they were left in a not so obvious place and I have no doubt they would have succumb to the heat if they weren't rescued soon.

Thankfully they were, but when my friend had to go out of town and could no longer watch them she was looking for homes for the kittens or at least temporary cat-sitters. All of the kittens were adopted quickly and when only one little black and white cow-kitty remained, I told my friend that I would watch him until she got back. She suggested at once adopting him, but I politely refused and told her again, "I'm not a cat person."

Pancake's first video

Pancake's first day with me

Pancake was young. He was almost four weeks old, we guessed. Too young to be away from his mother. He seemed healthy though and the vet said that his growth was normal and that he looked over-all well. I wondered what the dogs were going to think of him. I knew that Miskatonic and Blondi had seen cats before, but I don't think Sugar Tree had ever even seen one. What would you think of something you'd never seen before?

The first time they met I sat Pancake down on a rug in the kitchen and Sugar Tree quietly padded over and checked him out, sniffing. Pancake immediately rolled over onto his back and pawed at her nose. Sugar Tree responded by gently nibbling on Pancake's belly.

Sugar Tree & Pancake

Pancake and Sugar Tree followed each other around everywhere. I knew that sometimes cats and dogs got a long well, but this was ridiculous. I was amazed at their special relationship and how well Sugar Tree had taken to him. Pancake was a tough little kitty too and wasn't for a second intimated by the obvious size difference between them. And no one told him that Dobermans are supposed to be scary. It wasn't long before they were playing together every day and often I'd find them sleeping on the bed near each other.


The worst part of adopting Pancake was that I had to tell my friend I was adopting Pancake. I was now an admitted cat lover. Telling Sugar Tree I was adopting him was a lot easier and I'm sure she's happy that her feline buddy is here to stay.

Around the internet...

Sugar Tree & Pancake have had many popular videos around the internet and I'm really not surprised, because they are an adorable pair. :)

Some of the most famous are:

Tiny Kitten Takes On Big Doberman

Pancake The Kitten Loves His Doberman

Kitten vs. Doberman... in bed

The Friskies Internet Cat Video Award Contest

In 2013, a video featuring Pancake was from thousands of other entries and placed as a semi-finalist in The Friskies Internet Cat Video Awards.

The video was put on display on Friskies' web site throughout August to let voters decided who would make it to the finalist round. I'm touched and flattered that Pancake made it to one of the final 12 cats, but I was even more moved when the internet voted for him to move onto the final round.

The finalists were all flown to New York City to attend a live awards' show on October 15th. I was honored just to be part of the event. The show was an amazing celebration of cats and internet culture. The final four winner's, and a fifth Fan Favorite were to be announced live during the show. It wasn't revealed to anyone who actually had received the top votes during the voting stage, just who had enough to make it there.

I honestly wasn't sure if Pancake and I had made it, at that point I was just thrilled to be there. When it became time to announce the winner in Pancake's category and my name was called I cannot describe how happy I was. It meant that people enjoyed my videos so much that they took time out of their day to vote for us and I was deeply flattered. Thank you so much. It was truly a moment in my life I will never forget.

But that isn't even the end of it.

During the night, viewers were allowed to text during the live event. The video with the most text votes at the end of the event would win Fan Favorite. That was the last award to be announced and when my name was called again, it was almost unbelievable. I cannot thank you enough for voting for us. I am flattered beyond belief. The prize money I won is helping me to achieve my dream of sharing my love of animals with the world.

You can still watch the awards show as it happened at

Watch Pancake the Kitten Loves His Doberman - Friskies Internet Cat Video award winner

Love Pancake?

You can send him a gift in the mail. I'll probably make a video of him playing with it so you can see. He loves all kinds of toys and treats.

Here's a video that I made with a gift that a kind person send to Pancake. He really loves it! I highly recommend this toy for any cat. It's called Slim Cat and can be found through Amazon.

The Future

The future for Pancake includes lots of food, naps, and Sugar Tree. My future includes filming him and putting the videos online for you to see. :)

I Am A Cat

Pancake shows you what it's all about.

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