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Nessie - Dromedary Camel

NESSSSSSSSSSIE! Nessie is a beautiful chocolate-ish camel. Her dad is a handsome pied camel of Moroccan origins and it reflects on Nessie's cute little white legs and black toe spots.

Photo by Tri-lakes Exotics <------ Dad

All personality...

Nessie has a ton of personality. The first thing that comes to mind is she's very loving. She's always been that way. She loves everyone and is very gentle and curious. At the same time though she's high energy. She loves to run and gets worked up very easily. It's pretty hard to work Baby up (my male camel), but with Nessie all you have to do is clap your hands or move too quickly and she's on the move. I guess in that way she's very aware of her surroundings and always on alert. But when nothing is going on she wants nothing more than to lean her head on you and be pet.

Nessie's story:

Camels are highly social animals. They live in herds and are always around other camels. I knew soon after getting Baby (my first camel) that I needed to get at least one more for him to be completely happy and fulfilled in the way camels are meant to.

I decided to go with the same breeder that bred Baby and I decided this time I would get a female. There was a several month wait from when I made this decision to when I got Nessie because every single camel that season that the breeder had was a boy! I'll never forget the farm emailing me and telling me that a camel was about to be born any hour now and waiting impatiently at the computer for her to say if it was my girl or not only for it to be another boy! And I'll never forget the day that she wrote me and told me that a baby girl was finally born. I was so happy.

Nessie was currently in Texas and I needed to drive out there to get her and bring her back. It was a pretty far drive, but I was so excited to make it. I wrote a journal about my experience to bring her back and sometime I'll post it here. Like with Baby, the first week with Nessie was just magical. It's really special watching an animal learn about the world for the first time.

How Nessie got her name:

I spent forever trying to name baby. I kept sticking him with well-thought names that just didn't fit. Finally I just gave up and decided to keep calling him what I always had, "Baby". Because- well- he was a baby camel! Nessie was so much easier. Soon after I brought her home I started noticing that she loved water. Every chance she get she would lay down in the muddy overflow from the water trough. When it rained she would roll and I would often find her with her front feet standing in her bowl. She was a water loving monster. But not just any water loving monster... with her long legs and developing hump, it was obvious she was the Loch Ness Monster! So I began to call her Nessie and never thought twice about naming her anything else. Easiest naming ever! To this day Nessie still loves water and I often spray her down with the hose when it's particularly hot out.

Side-by-side comparison

Even though Baby and Nessie are both Dromedary (Arabian) Camels, they're actually built very differently. Baby's bloodline stems back from the feral camels that were introduced to Australia from the middle-east and Nessie's origins include paint camels from west Africa. Their body types couldn't be more different and their coloring, too. Here's a comparison pic I made a few years ago that illustrates the dramatic difference.

Nessie in motion

Nessie's most famous video is probably "Camel vs Girl" which went viral pretty quickly. It's pretty hard not to laugh at the hilarious way she runs in it. I've been running with Nessie since she was a baby and it just occurred to me one day that I should film it. I would walk with her down to the end of the pasture and then turn her around and say, "Go!" I used to be able to beat her, but not so much anymore.

But I'm a good sport and congratulate her at the end after losing. :)

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