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Miskatonic - Mixed breed dog

Miskatonic is a lot older now, but is still very much the same as she always was. She's very protective and a great watch dog. She loves animals of all kinds, especially baby animals. She watches over them and mothers them. But I can still remember the day that I got Misky from the shelter as a tiny puppy. Read below for our adoption story.

Adoption story:

On August 10th, 2000 I went to a Los Angeles County Animal Shelter knowing I was more than likely going to come back with a new puppy. I've always been a huge fan of German Shepherds, and I was quite thrilled to see a litter of five or six German Shepherd mixes when we arrived.

The shelter called them German Shepherd x Siberian Husky crosses, but they looked more like black and tan balls of fluff to me. I had one all picked out, a sleepy male, I put him back in the run to go complete the adoption forms, when an animal control officer asked me if I knew there was another litter of puppies in the back room recovering from just being spayed. I said no, and she asked me if I wanted to see them before I finalized the adoption of the German Shepherd puppy. I agreed, and went to the back room with the officer.

It was there I first saw Miskatonic, literally the most beautiful dog I have ever seen in my life. She was mostly grey, with a tiny black mask, white socks on her feet, a single black spot on her tongue, and beautiful light brown tuffs peeking out from her toes.

I was told that her and her littermates (who were a very odd golden color, she was the only grey) were found running around a field this morning. I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted her and almost immediately the name Miskatonic came to mind, the name of the ficional University in horror author H. P. Lovecraft's stories.

One of Misky's very first photos. Our first night together!

Miskatonic slept the rest of the day, but by the night she was romping around my bedroom. Unfortunately, she wasn't the only animal I adopted. She also came with 53 ticks of varying species. My friend and I spent hours removing them, and were disgusted that the animal shelter left her like that, and didn't even bother to alert us of the problem. We weren't able to get them all out, but most, we put some in vials to show to the vet the next morning. He said she was pretty anemic, but was going to recover okay.

Miskatonic went through many stages of growth, but quickly lost most of her mask, and developed a light tan coloring over a good portion of her grey body, a darkening over the black tip of her tail, and prominent tan rings around her eyes. She's even more beautiful now as an adult. I love Miskatonic, she's the greatest.

How to say:

Miskatonic is pronounced Miss-Ka-Tonic

Misky at Castaic Lake

Rest In Peace

Miskatonic passed away in June 2013. She was just about to turn thirteen years old.

Goodbye, sweet girl.

Watch the video below to see Misky mothering a young lamb...

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