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Marion - Von der Decken's Hornbill

Marion is a gorgeous little hornbill. He sort of looks like Zazu from The Lion King!

I got Marion as a baby from a woman in Florida. He was sent to Arizona on a plane and I picked him up at the airport. When he first arrived he had baby blue eyes and a yellow-ish beak. Now that he's matured, his beak is bright orange and his eyes are a handsome hazel.

Marion spent the first few months living with me in my bedroom. I taught him to fly to my hand and into a cage to be 'put away'. Eventually he got his own large aviary outside and because of the time I spent training him in my room, I'm able to let him out of the aviary to fly. When he's had enough he returns to the aviary on his own and it makes me happy that he likes his home. I can also get him to come using food (like I taught him in my room). There's just nothing like allowing your bird the joy of flying through the open sky.

Marion is a male hornbill. Their sexes are easily distinguishable Females are black and white with black beaks. This fall I'll be getting a female hornbill, so Marion can have a mate. I think it will make him very happy to have a companion.

Hornbills are cool birds. They aren't really like parrots and I would compare them more to a raven or a crow. They're extremely intelligent and curious about their environment. They really can't be kept in a cage like you might a parrot, they're extremely active and an aviary is a must.

What does Marion eat?

Marion eats a variety of things. I prepare his meals three days at a time. My standard mix is as follows:

Grain free dog food
Raw chicken
Raw egg
Spinach or kale

I also add just about anything else... any fruits or vegetables are appreciated. Mango, kiwi, banana, lettuce. But Von der Decken's Hornbills are omnivores and meat should make up a good portion of their diet.

A very curious bird...

Marion is very interested in the other animals. Watch the video below to see him interacting with the camels.

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