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Lasted Updated May 8th, 2016

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Welcome to the online home of Camels and Friends

Sit back and spend a little part of your day with Baby and Nessie, our two Dromedary Camels and their many fabulous farm friends. They're glad you stopped by to say hello!

In 2006, I realized my dream of owning a camel as a pet. Baby the camel came into my life at only four weeks old. I raised him, feeding him on a bottle for ten months and training him myself. Baby was even more intelligent, sensitive, and beautiful than I ever could have thought. I felt lucky to be able to spend every day with him. We developed a close relationship built on trust and Baby would follow me everywhere.

Years later, I got Nessie. A rambunctious two week old baby chocolate camel. I immediately fell back into the routine of bottle feedings at all hours of the night and I loved every minute of it. It's been a great adventure owning camels and I hope one day Nessie will have a baby of her own.

Other than the camels, I share my life with an assortment of other animals. Including, dogs, sheep, ostrich, emu, a wolf, and more. I raise a select number of high quality sheep, both wild and hybrids. Some of the babies may be available from time to time to loving pet homes.

Keep watching, I have big plans for the future. My dream is to become open to the public. A petting zoo with a strong emphasis on education. A center to learn and have a hands on experience with our living world. If you would like to help in any way toward reaching this goal, please click here to view my contact information to find out how to donate.

Enjoy your stay here and check back often for updates and new videos of the gang!

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