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Pure European Mouflon Sheep

The original wild sheep... Centuries old and never domesticated

UPDATE: April 23rd, 2014. The Sheep are currently lambing! Contact me if interested. I will have a very select number available to qualified homes, along with 50/50 hybrid crosses.

The Mouflon is believed to be the wild ancestor of all domesticated sheep. Originally these sheep were found in the mountainous regions of Anatolia and then were introduced to the Greek islands, eventually ending up in continental Europe. Today, wild Moulfon can mostly be found in Iraq and Iran. They’re most distinguishable feature is their large impressive horns.

Meet my Purebred European Mouflon









The Story (Or how I got started with Mouflon)

The Majestic Mouflon...

When I decided to raise sheep, I knew I wanted a ram that could bring in a fresh dose of vigor to his babies. Comparing a Mouflon to a domesticated sheep, is like comparing a wolf to a German Shepherd. Most people know that German Shepherds are over bred, which has caused the breed to suffer. The same thing is true with America’s stock bred sheep. But Mouflons are extremely disease resistant with little problems with parasites, in fact they have little health problems at all. They’ve never been farmed industrially and they’ve been allowed to retain their natural vitality.

Octavian arrives...

In Summer 2012 I drove out to California to pick up a lamb from a small farm that breeds a small number of Purebred Mouflon every year originating from Canadian zoo stock. The baby ram I brought back with me was named Octavian.

Octavian and Livia

And Trivia and Livia...

Six months later, I hauled two Mouflon ewes out from a ranch in Texas into Arizona. With completely different genetics from Octavian I can insure a healthy diverse background for their lambs. The ewes are sweet gentle animals and adore Octavian.

And it doesn’t hurt that they’re gorgeous, too.

My first lambing season...

In Spring 2013, I had my first lambing season. Trivia and Livia both came to me pregnant from a handsome pure ram in Texas and Dasher had a little hybrid lamb with Octavian. A hybrid is a cross between a purebred Mouflon and domesticated ewes. The resulting babies will retain some of the desirable domesticated qualities of their moms from centuries of farm use, but will also receive a healthy vigorous set of genes courtesy of dad. My intentions are to focus on hybrids lambs that I feel will be very valuable to sheep farmers who want to liven up their livestock or anyone who wants a unique sheep to add to their farm. But I will also have a small number of purebred European Mouflons for sale in the coming years.

The future...

As far as I know, I'm the only private person in Arizona with a Mouflon. If this is incorrect, I would love to be contacted by someone in the state that would like to exchange bloodlines now and again.

The 2014 lambing season is currently ongoing and I'm already very much looking forward to the 2015 season and beyond!

But words and pictures can't do them justice. Watch the video I made below to see these beautiful sheep in motion.

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