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Donating to Camels and Friends

Over the years many people have asked me where they can make a donation toward the care and up keep of the animals. I have recently created an Amazon Wish List with essential items that I use regularly and also just some fun treats and toys. Amazon will ship your gift directly to me. I figure this is a fun and easy way to support the animals and know your donation is going directly to the animals and nothing else. Your contribution will allow me to spend more time working with the animals, participating in rescue work and creating video projects for you to enjoy.

I also sometimes make videos of the animals with their toys and treats you've donated, so you can see for yourself the joy you've brought them.

You may also wish to donate directly through paypal to the email

I also have artwork available in our shop for a donation.
Pick up a print of your fav or give a gift to the animal lover in your life.
100% of the proceeds will go to the animals.

Injured Hummingbird nursed back to help

Or just keep watching!
Through YouTube we receive a very small amount of revenue from ads that display on our videos.
Plus, the more you watch & share our videos with your friends, the bigger Camels and Friends can become
.... and the more animals we can help.

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