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Blondi - German Shepherd Dog

Adoption Story:

I adopted Blondi from the local animal shelter when she was just a year old. She was my second dog, I already had Miskatonic and my mom had made it clear she didn't want another dog. I had other plans however and being the inventive kid I was, I took a bus by myself to the shelter to try and convince her otherwise. My plan was to adopt a dog and bring it home without telling my mom. I would then try and conceal the fact that there was two dogs in the house for as long as possible. My reasoning was that if she didn't even notice a second dog- well then it can't be too much of a bother! I don't recommend deceiving your mom or ever adopting a dog without your parents' permission, but that's what I did.

When I got to the shelter, Blondi (at the time nicknamed Lola by the staff) caught my eye immediately. When walking back her kennel, she leapt up on the door and looked at me. She was immediately drawn to me and I felt the same way about her. I asked if I could see her and they took me back into a small room where you could spend some time with a dog before adopting.

Almost immediately Blondi curled up in my lap as I sat on the floor in the small room. I didn't need to think much about it to know that I wanted her.

I later learned that Blondi was found as a stray running around the Las Vegas strip. No one had claimed her and she had been at the shelter for awhile and risked being put to sleep if not adopted soon. I couldn't even believe so many people had passed up such a gorgeous dog.

So I found my dog and the next step was to get her home. Being young, I didn't have my own car and I knew I had to take Blondi home on the bus. This was going to be a problem because they didn't allow pets- just service animals. No problem. I bought an orange reflective vest and put it over Blondi to take her home. No one even questioned it.

Blondi was great at hew new home. Just perfect. In fact, my mom didn't even know she was in the house for 11 days! That far exceeded my expectations. I should mention that I had my own section of the house with my own entrance and bathroom, so this wasn't as difficult as you might be imagining.

In the end, my mom let me keep Blondi, after realizing she really wasn't any trouble. My plan, though deceitful, had worked and I can't say I regret it because without doing it, I wouldn't have Blondi in my life!

Sweet and gentle to all animals....

Past Memories:

Some of my first memories of Blondi include our first July 4th together. It was raining and I took her for a walk to see the fireworks off the Vegas strip. We made it to a small park where we could see them, but soon after it started to thunder. Blondi was terrified! I had to carry her in my arms and run through the pouring rain to get her back home.

Blondi also used to play a game with me. If I wasn't paying attention to her she would walk over to my bathroom, nudge the door open with her nose and then walk inside and close it. Immediately, she would begin barking for me to 'rescue her'. Which of course I would, only for her to go into the bathroom and do it again a few minutes later. I was amazed by her intelligence and resourcefulness.

Blondi is getting older now, but she's still very healthy and active. Every night she sleeps in a chair next to my bed and prefers that I'm somewhere where she can see me. German Shepherds are very loyal and wonderful dogs and I'm happy to share my life with Blondi.

Rest In Peace

Blondi passed away at home in the Summer of 2013. She was 14 years old and she was with me for 13 of those years. She will be dearly missed and I know there will never be another dog like her.

Always patient and gentle:

Blondi graciously becomes a giant fluffy toy for Pancake...

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