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One of the questions I'm most often asked is, "How many animals do you have?" And I'm never sure exactly what to say. To me it isn't a matter of numbers and even thinking about it briefly now- I don't even know what the answer is! It certainly isn't a question that matters and I suppose the answer is, "I have as many as I can properly care for and enjoy."

For some people having more than one dog is too stressful and for others life would be far, far too dull. :) And then there's people still who probably shouldn't own any animals!
Below is a list of the species that I currently care for, as well as my two beloved dogs that have passed on. I've also included a few pets that belong to my friends and family, but make appearances in my videos. I hope you have fun learning more about the animals- they really are all very special and have unique personalities that I try hard to convey in my videos and writing.

Another question I'm often asked is, "What kind of animal will you get next?" Well, I certainly have many other species that I would absolutely love to care for, but you'll just have to keep watching to see what they are. :)

Baby - Dromedary Camel

Nessie - Dromedary Camel

Sugar Tree - Doberman

Lorne - Wolf

Chomby - Anatolian

Pancake - DSH Cat

European Mouflon Sheep

St. Croix Sheep

Marion - VDD Hornbill



Jackson - Jacob Sheep

Patagonian Mara

Painted Desert Sheep

Zodiac - American Mink

Cantaloupe & Icarus - Italian Greyhounds

Miskatonic & Blondi
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Rest In Peace, Mormor. Gone too soon.

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